The city is a composite of a hurried commercial present and a sedate mercantile past, leavened by a carefree college atmosphere. Coeds, dressed according to the dictates of Hollywood, and college boys in sports clothes and near-white buckskin shoes worn without regard for time or season, rub elbows with frugal Pennsylvania Germans. 

— Pennsylvania, A Guide To the Keystone State (WPA, 1940)

My husband’s family is from Easton so we visit often. Easton’s between NYC and Philadelphia but its own strong character dominates. The historic presence of its colonial architecture and the Pennsylvania-German and Italian-American communities enrich local culture. Everywhere there is evidence of people hit hard by recession. You can still get a great shoo-fly pie at the local diner, gnocchi at the Legion, and - last time I was there - tube steaks at “James-on-the-Delaware” aka Jimmy’s Hotdog Stand.

* * *

Jeanne McRight grew up in Wilmington, Delaware and now lives near Toronto. Follow her on Tumblr at jeannemcright.tumblr.com and see more of her work here

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