Along Mississippi’s coastal highway 90, where over seven years ago the Gulf of Mexico rose up and wrecked almost everything in its path, there are pockets where nature is making a bigger comeback than civilization. Gardens have reseeded themselves in the foundations of home sites. Crepe myrtles, palms, lilies, vines and wildflowers volunteer among the ruins of once thriving neighborhoods. Marsh flora colonizes abandoned swimming pools. Thickets envelop tennis and basketball courts. It is a beautiful display of nature running wild, despite the bleakness of slow recovery.  

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Missy Prince is a Guide to the states of Mississippi and Oregon. She grew up in Mississippi but now calls Oregon home. She loves her Oregon, Washington, and Mississippi Gazetteer atlases and aims to visit every square mile they chart. When she is not out exploring with a camera she is dreaming of the highways, roads, and trails in her future. Follow her on Flickr and Tumblr at Sea of Empties.

Missy Prince grew up in Mississippi and has lately become re-enchanted with her home state. (This has been a recurring theme during #AmericanGuideWeek.) She sends along these photos from Mississippi.

Several of them are from Yalobusha County; population 12,678; county seats: Water Valley and Coffeeville. 

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