The Maine Yankee is not nearly so taciturn as a stranger might at first consider him, but it is a rule that words are not to be wasted.

— Maine, A Guide ‘Down East’ (WPA, 1937)

This is a short doc about one man trying to find love in the middle of nowhere Maine.  

Epilogue: Bob emailed me on Valentines Day to let me know he got a response on his Craig’s List add from a guy in Tennessee. The guy is coming up to Maine to visit Bob for a month in April. And he said he’s very excited to start a relationship. He has a date! And at the very end of the email he added, “So see maybe you changed my luck.”

* * *

Barton Girdwood is a peer educator and independent multimedia producer based in Bloomington, IN. Outside his studies, he helps direct American Student Radio, an online publication and educational resource for high school and college students. You can find him on Twitteron Tumblr at americanstudentradio, and on SoundCloud.

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